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Member Bio

Marla Moore

Name: Marla Moore
Certification Level: Instructor
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Phone: 847-421-5690
Mobile Phone: 847-421-5690
Email: moorstuf@mac.com
Website: http://www.marlajmoore.com
Facebook: http://Chicago Northwest Ortho-Bionomy
Teaching Subjects: Phase Four Clases


Class Name: Phase 4
Subtitle: Focus on the Spine
Instructor Name: Marla Moore
Start Date: 3/3/2018
End Date: 3/4/2018
Location: Appleton
State/Country: WI
Class Description: Fundamentals of the Spine taught by Marla Moore. Marla is a NCBTMB Approved Provider
Prerequisite: There are no pre-requisites
Website: www.marlajmoore.com
Coordinator: Kathryn Rose
Telephone: 920-850-0300
Email: 2kathrynrose@gmail.com

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