What is an Ortho-Bionomy session like?

Are you interested in a therapeutic session that treats you as a unique person and listens to the natural intelligence of your body?

Typically, Ortho-Bionomy sessions last about 1 hour. Comfortable loose fitting clothing is suggested to allow  full range of movement. The practitioner works with you to identify areas of discomfort, tension and pain as well as areas of comfort and ease of movement. Gentle movements,  comfortable positioning, brief compressions, and subtle contacts are used. No forceful movements or pressures are used.

Every Ortho-Bionomy session is specifically designed around your individual needs. Your practitioner will rely on your verbal feedback to fine tune movements that best facilitate your body's return to natural alignment. Typically, the relief of stress and tension lasts for days or longer after a session.

Your practitioner may suggest self-care release techniques you can do at home. These self-care exercises further aid in relieving pain, restoring function, and rebalancing the body.

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