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Ortho-Bionomy Conference

Combining Learning and Community

The Ortho-Bionomy conferences are held every two years. They are a fabulous opportunity to connect and build relationships with the larger Ortho-Bionomy community from around the World!

SAVE the DATE!! for the 19th SOBI conference in Denver, Colorado June 15-18, 2017!! (instructor retreat following June 18-19, 2017) Attend the AGM and Practitioner meeting for 3 hour study group credit! All member levels welcome at both meetings

We had a fabulous turnout in Indy. Amazing presentations and flow, incredible community and great fun too! Whether you were there or missed it, mark your calendar and join us in Denver 2017!!

DoubleTree by Hilton Denver, 3203 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80207 303-321-3333

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I know we will have another exciting lineup of presentations for Denver 2017- See you there!!

Looking forward to Denver 2017!!

These were our great presentations in Indy. Denver lineup will be posted as soon as available. The conference committee is reviewing the MANY wonderful presentation submissions now!

Friday May 1, 2015
Karen Casino - Therapeutic Exercise
These exercises are designed to free up and move your body to release pain and to improve flexibility. In addition they can be taught to your clients as a follow-on to their healing.
Karen began Ortho-Bionomy in 1981 became a Practitioner in 1989 and has maintained a practice throughout these years. In 1992 she became a Pilates trainer and specializes in rehabilitation. She has continuously sought out and learned new techniques in rehabilative exercises to release pain and improve flexibility.

Gary Lee Williams – Tail Wags the Dog: A Basic Strategy for TMJ
In this presentation we will explore a basic starter strategy for working with TMJ, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and related jaw issues utilizing one versatile strategy is effective in its own right, but can be easily added with other Ortho-Bionomy techniques that the individual practitioner sees fit to include.
Gary Lee Williams is an New York based Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner and Instructor. He maintains a successful private Ortho-Bionomy practice in midtown Manhattan.

Anthony Swan - Client Assessment in Ortho-Bionomy
This is a hands-on demonstration with guided practice for assessing a client's condition before applying Phase 4 or other Ortho-Bionomy release techniques. The assessment techniques are collected from across the standard Ortho-Bionomy foundational work, and are presented in a framework for conducting a complete session using Ortho-Bionomy, comprising: assessment, tension pattern opening/release and integration. The assessment of structure, movement and tissue tone is all available in the Ortho-Bionomy techniques to be covered.
Anthony Swan is an Australian Ortho-Bionomy instructor (currently registered in the SOBI advanced instructor training program). He has been involved in the development of Ortho-¬Bionomy in Australia for 20 years, in private practice, as a founding board member and in establishing the practitioner training programs. Anthony brings to his teaching and supervision the extensive range of his own trainers and links across the profession. Anthony trained extensively in Australia and the USA, including study with the founder, and is a regular at international society conferences. He is based in Canberra.

Tracy Gilliam - Coordinator's Meeting

Barry Krost - Focus on Neck Pain and Whiplash
Learn to release deep pain from whiplash in the anterior and posterior neck using Ortho-Bionomy, including releases for the manubrium, upper ribs and occiput.
Barry Krost, MA, LMT, BCTMB is an Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy®. He has been practicing Ortho-Bionomy since 1992 and is a past president of the SOBI.

Sheri Covey - Working with the Nuchal Ligament
We will be exploring the relationship between Nuchal ligament and the relationship down the spine to the sacrum. This piece of work effects spinal compression and chronic fascia issues and more
Sheri Covey has been connected with Ortho Bionomy since 1995 in Santa Fe New Mexico. She has always felt the desire to share this amazing work on a larger scale. Her strengths draw on her athletic background and a thriving practice that allows her to keep exploring so many aspects of the work. She founded the Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center in September of 2012.

Leigh Muro – Ortho-Bionomy and the Infant
Newborns struggle postpartum with a variety of issues; sleep, feeding and colic. Their wellness needs are tremendously overlooked which leaves a vulnerable population vastly underserved. Lets explore the possibilities for Ortho-Bionomy.
Leigh has been a Licensed Occupational Therapist in practice for the past 30+ years and has been practicing Ortho-Bionomy for 27 years. For 14 years she has been evolving her work with newborns and infants and has expertise in working with both women and babies. She practices in New York and New Jersey where she has treated hundreds of infants. She works closely with midwives, lactation consultants and pediatricians.

Exchange, Tutorials, Free time

Rhonda Gerych - Ethics Tutorial Study Group
Satisfies the requirement for Associate Member training program with SOBI and counts as a Study Group for Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner Training. Topics to be covered include SOBI Trademark Guidelines and Code of Ethics, Professionalism, Roles and Boundaries, Power Differentials, Communication, and Dual Relationships.

Saturday May 2, 2015

Ann Lucia Chan – Learning Breakthrough Program
The Learning Breakthrough Program ™ works on the three directions of the vestibular system which relates to balance. The vestibular and proprioceptor systems are the invisible senses and the foundation of the five senses and brain development. The eye hand exercises are on the balance board or out. I will provide balance boards, rotation boards, a balance beam, bean bags and balls.
Ann Lucia Chan is an Advanced Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner and Associate Instructor. In 2004, she became a Practitioner and Advanced Consultant of Learning Breakthrough™ Program. She also is a Certified School Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Early Intervention Specialist, and has Certifications in Prenatal Bonding (BA)™ Facilitator and Compassion Fatigue Therapist. She has a private practice in Champaign, Illinois specializing in trauma with training in Advanced Touch Skills and Attachment in Somatic Experience® with Kathy Kain and is completing a Certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® with Pat Ogden. She has a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, a Masters in Social Work and more

Ann Hoeffel - The Dural Tube, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and the Central Nervous System (CNS)
The Dural Tube surrounds and protects our brain, spinal cord (CNS) and the CSF that cushions, nourishes and cleanses them. Learn techniques that free restrictions to the Dural Tube and achieve far-reaching, beneficial effects for the entire system.
Ann Hoeffel, Advanced Instructor came to Ortho-Bionomy in 1987 after learning CranioSacral Therapy (CST), which she integrates with Arthur's Cranial work. In private practice since 1984, Ann has over 4600 hours training and has been actively teaching Ortho-Bionomy since 1997

Sheri Covey and Panel - Working with Community and our own Fears. Allowing the work to grow with Graciousness
Working with community and Allowing. I would like to have a discussion around creating the living Principles within the community that surrounds you. How do we face our fears and our insecurities that allow us to understand the concept that "More means More"? The evolvement of the work requires that we stand in the principles as a group. What would that take for each of us?

Lynne Marotta – Chapman's Reflexes: The 2 point connection
NYCO O-B Lab developed and field tested this approach to Chapman's Reflexes for the past 10 years. It has proven to be simple, effective and safe.
Lynne received a BFA in Design from the University of Michigan in 1982. She is a Master Teacher of Callanetics and a Registered Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy.

Denise Deig - The Temporal Bone and All It's Relations
The anatomy and function of the Temporal Bone will be presented, followed by Hands On Practice of it's significant Boney and Muscular Relationships. Self Care Options for TMD (Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction) including Movement Intelligence Processes and Isometrics will also be explored.
Denise became an OB Instructor in 1980. She authored the book, "Positional Release Technique, from a Dynamic Systems Perspective" originally published by Butterworth Heinmann in 2000. The 2nd revised edition was Published in 2006. She has taught Positional Release Continuing Education Classes on more than 80 occasions since 1985. Denise has taught in the MHS postgraduate and DPT programs at U of I, since 1989. Denise has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from IV. Her professional training in PT was completed at UCSF in 1976. She completed her MS degree in 1994 from the U of I. She completed the Feldenkrais professional training program in 1992, and is a Pioneer Senior Trainer in the Movement Intelligence Program. Her study of Cranio Sacral and Functional Cranial work was done at MSU under the instruction of Barb Briner, DO and Ed Stiles, DO.

Ronald Rosario - How to Suggest Homeopathic Remedies In Your Practice
Six basic remedies that every OB Practitioner can use or suggest to clients as an adjunct to their healing
Ron has been a practicing Homeopath for over 35 years and has studied and worked with some world renowned homeopaths such as . Dr. Subrata BHMS, Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Calcutta, India . Jeremy Sherr, Ham School for Advanced Homeopathy, London, UK . Dr. Paul Herscu. M.D., New England School of Classical Homeopathy, Amhearst, Massachusetts . Dr. Edward C. Whitmont, M.D., institute New also had served on the board of trustees The Atlantic of Classical Homeopathy in New York City

Sara Sunstein - Isometrics, Imagery, and Healing Trauma
When we experience trauma but don't bounce back from it naturally as we should, isometrics and imagery can promote resolution and self-regulation. Lecture – demo.
Sara Sunstein, M.A. (Art), trained in imagery for healing as well as with Peter Levine (trauma resolution) and Arthur Pauls. She's enjoyed teaching Ortho-Bionomy since 1985.

Dessert reception - Heavy Hors d’oeurves, talent show, silent auction

Sunday May 3, 2015
Joanie Barrett – Morning Yoga
Joanie's Yoga style is Anusara® inspired. The tenets of Anusara are alignment and action. These tenets compliment Ortho-Bionomy.

Jim Berns - An Exploration Of Movement Phase 4, 5, and 6 Dance Technique Working With Clients And Self-Care Awareness
"A what?" Learn a delightful, delicate, fun technique that expresses and releases client's physical and energetic holding patterns, connecting you and clients with a flowing dance, while bringing you into a core balance.
Jim Berns is a Registered Advanced OB Instructor and has been trained directly by Dr. Pauls. Jim is co-author of ORTHO-BIONOMY A PRACTICAL MANUAL. Jim received the "Excellence in Education Award" by the AMTA-CA in 2013. Jim brings to his 33 years of teaching detailed information, a compassionate heart and a "unique" sense of humor.

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