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Ursula Hofer

Name: Ursula Hofer
Certification Level: Advanced Instructor
Location: Santa Fe,, NM
Phone: 1 505-984-1719
Email: ursulahofer@earthlink.net
Website: http://ortho-bionomysantafe.com
Qualifications: Advanced Instructor registered with the Society for Ortho-Bionomy International,. LPC, LMT, Trauma work
Network: Integrating Ortho-Bionomy with neurological / trauma work


Class Name: Cranial
Subtitle: Advanced Cranial and Central Nervous System Circulation
Instructor Name: Ursula Hofer
Start Date: 4/12/2018
End Date: 4/14/2018
Location: Santa Fe
State/Country: NM
Class Description: Advanced Cranial and Central Nervous System Circulation Class This course explores the spiral as it expresses through the three dimensional movements of the cranium, meninges, fluid systems of the brain as well as the central nervous system itself. With regards to the cranium, we will investigate movements of individual bones, sutures and the cranium as a whole from both physical and energetic perspectives. The three dimensional movements of the fluid systems of the brain – blood, lymph and glymph vessels - will also be emphasized. The role of freeing the heart to free the fluid flows in and out of the brain will be investigated.
Prerequisite: 16 units Phase 5, 16 units Phase 6
Website: ortho-bionomysantafe.com
Coordinator: Ursula Hofer
Telephone: 505-984-1719 or 505-475-4542
Email: ursulahofer4@icloud.com

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