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Richard Valasek

Name: Richard Valasek
Organization: At Play in the Field
Certification Level: Advanced Instructor
Location: Pearl City, HI
Phone: 8082561646
Mobile Phone: 8082561646
Email: richard.valasek@gmail.com
Website: http://www.atplayinthefield.com
Facebook: http://At Play in the Field
Qualifications: Learned Ortho-Bionomy from Dr. Pauls, with Lynn Drummer first 2 to be appointed Adv. Inst. Also 1 of the 4 appointed by Dr. Pauls to be and Adv Inst trainer. BA Theater Arts, BS Animal Science from UC Davis, RN. 40 yrs experience with Orhto-Bionomy. 35 yrs experience as RN applying techniques in medical settings. 20+ years working with PTSD, developed Ortho-Bionomy-based methods for recovery.
Teaching Subjects: Phases 7, 6, 5, 4, Chapman's, Isometrics, Ethics, Care of Self, Body Studies (for A&P); Cranial, Ethiscs and Emotional Issues. Self Care Basic and Advanced Instructor Training Seminars
Philosophy: Learning happens best through play. Classes should feel like Ortho-Bionomy. Lots of "yes." Practice Radical Affirmation. Safety allows exploration. Teach students to reinvent Ortho-Bionomy.
Biography: Born San Diego Sept 7, 1946. Married to Karen. 3 children, 7 grandkids, 4 great grandkids. Active in Unitarian Church as it is Church most like Ortho-Bionomy. Winner of multiple awards for acting and theatrical sound design. Soon to appear as Flute/Thisby in Midsummer Night's Dream.
Travel: Available for world-wide travel.
Network: Instructor Training seminar provider Membership level: Advanced Instructor


Class Name: Phase 6
Instructor Name: Richard Valasek
Start Date:
End Date:
Location: Sunnyvale
State/Country: CA
Class Description: This class will be taught by Sara Sunstein with Richard Valasek supervising
Prerequisite: None
Coordinator: Sara Sunstein
Email: nfo@sarasunstein.com
Class Name: Ethics and Emotional Issues
Subtitle: The Empathic Experience
Instructor Name: Richard Valasek
Start Date:
End Date:
Class Description: Embodied experiential ethics. What are the ethical lessons we learn from the principles and practices of Ortho-Bionomy. Ortho-Bionomy is applied ethics. This is NOT deontological or normative ethics, not a list of rules. It is about becoming a better person. We all have a shared project of making a life for ourselves.
Prerequisite: None
Coordinator: Peggy Scott
Telephone: 504 352-0039
Email: PeggyScottLMT@Yahoo.com

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