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Barry Krost

Name: Barry Krost
Certification Level: Instructor
Location: Chicago, IL
Mobile Phone: +1 312-288-6139
Email: barrykrost@mac.com
Website: http://www.healingbodytherapeutics.com
Qualifications: Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. Bodywork & Energy Healing Practitioner for 35 years.
Teaching Subjects: I use Ortho-Bionomy with additional elements other methods I have mastered.
Philosophy: Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi ~
Biography: I have been a bodyworker and energy healer for 33 years and began training in Ortho-Bionomy in 1991. I am an Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. I am a certified Family Constellations Facilitator and also have trained in over 20 healing modalities. I have been a massage and bodywork instructor since 1992 teaching in massage training programs and continuing education. I am an Approved Provider of Continuing Education through NCBTMB.
Hours: $100 per hour session


Class Name: Phase 4
Subtitle: Spine
Instructor Name: Barry Krost
Start Date: 2/23/2020
End Date: 2/24/2020
Location: Indianapolis
State/Country: IN
Class Description: In the Ortho-Bionomy Phase 4: Spine course we will explore the unique Ortho-Bionomy positional release techniques for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine, sacrum and ribs. Ortho-Bionomy is a powerful technique that uses specific body positions to provide effective pain relief and restore balance to body, mind and spirit by engaging the body’s natural ability to heal. We will explore positions that facilitate the release of muscular tension, reset proprioceptors and increase the range of motion of joints. Students will learn how to stimulate the inherent, self-corrective reflexes of the body that help the body to create structural alignment and balance naturally. We will notice how Ortho-Bionomy affects our entire being, both physical and emotional. This class is intended to enhance the work of massage therapists and bodyworkers by integrating Ortho-Bionomy techniques into their current work or as a stand along technique.
Prerequisite: none
Website: healingbodytherapeutics.com
Coordinator: Keri Brown
Email: keri.cobi@gmail.com
Class Name: Practitioner Training Seminar
Subtitle: Mastering your Practice and Sessions
Instructor Name: Barry Krost
Start Date: 10/24/2020
End Date: 10/25/2020
Location: indianapolis
State/Country: IN
Class Description: This seminar addresses issues and questions that arise for individuals completing the Practitioner Training Programs and helps participants synthesize their entire training experience. The class format includes time to discuss questions or problems that arise during a session, an opportunity to receive feedback and supervision about difficult cases, and information on how to best structure a session, set fees, and communicate with clients. Participants can also discuss their changing role in the community as they move from being a student to becoming a professional in the health care field.
Prerequisite: Phase 4
Website: healingbodytherapeutics.coml
Coordinator: Keri Brown
Email: keri.cobi@gmail.com
Class Name: Anatomy and Physiology
Subtitle: From a Bodywork Perspective
Instructor Name: Barry Krost
Start Date: 1/22/2020
End Date: 6/10/2020
Location: Online
State/Country: IL
Class Description: Anatomical and physiological structures and functions relevant to the practice of Ortho-Bionomy are presented in this class from a bodywork perspective. We will look at the main systems of the body relevant to OB from a holistic viewpoint. We will explore A & P from the understanding that that the human body is guided by a natural self-correcting intelligence. Our main textbook will be Job’s Body by Deane Juhan, the most widely used resources in therapeutic bodywork. The class will include reading guides for Job’s Body, videos, additional readings and group discussion. This course will be 10 three-hour sessions and a final two hour session. There will be required reading and homework for each session. Cost: $480.00 (payment plan available)
Prerequisite: Phase 4 or permission of Instructor
Website: healingbodytherapeutics.com
Coordinator: Barry Krost
Telephone: 3122886139
Email: barrykrost@mac.com

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