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Sara Sunstein

Name: Sara Sunstein
Certification Level: Advanced Instructor
Location: Berkeley, CA
Mobile Phone: +1 510-526-5414
Email: info@sarasunstein.com
Website: http://www.sarasunstein.com
Qualifications: 30+ years of practice, and teaching since 1985. Ongoing continuing ed in bodywork, homeopathy, meditation, and related fields such as life, love, laughter, and art.
Teaching Subjects: All levels of Ortho-Bionomy--I truly don't have favorite classes; I enjoy them all. And I teach all except Visceral (I cover alot of that in Chapman's) and Elements of Successful Practice. I also like to Mentor students, supporting them to grow into their richest selves; Sit Up Straight (1-2 hour workshop for healthy posture without effort); Creative Process/Freeing the Artist Within
Philosophy: Be Present. Practice kindness and beauty.
Biography: I literally fell into Ortho-Bionomy. A bad fall onto my coccyx was so painful, a friend sent me to an Ortho-Bionomist. Within one minute of receiving the work, my body and Self recognized it, and here I am all these years later. By nature, I'm curious about how things work and have an eye for space, form, and beauty. I've been making art/sculpting my whole life. Doing Ortho-Bionomy I get to combine those traits into another art form that is practical and directly useful to others. When not working, I'm in my art studio, on a trail in nature, or savoring homemade soup with friends.
Travel: To teach, yes! Happy to travel on West Coast, New England, Eastern Pennsylvania--and other places too. Please inquire.
Network: Special interests in Trauma Resolution, Emotions in Body (Somatic Therapy) and Nurturing Creativity

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