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Jeanne Douglas

Name: Jeanne Douglas
Organization: The Healing Loop
Certification Level: Associate Advanced Instructor
Location: Shakopee,, MN
Phone: +1 612-384-9098
Mobile Phone: 612-384-9098
Email: jeannedouglas@q.com
Website: http://www.ortho-bionomy.org/SOBI/JeanneDouglas
Qualifications: I began studying OB in 1988 and became an instructor in 1997. At past conferences I presented "Perfecting The 20 Minute Session", "Shoulders in Depth", and "How to Present OB at a Booth or public event"
Teaching Subjects: Basic, Isometrics, Exploration Of Movement, Shoulders in Depth, Postural Re-Education, Isometrics Unplugged, Demo Skills, Phase 5. I love the Basic work and I love teaching this work. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
Philosophy: I'd like to expose everyone to OB. I teach my grandkids the work and love it when all 4 of them work on me! My teaching style is relaxed and easy going. My manuals have pictures of the techniques with plenty of room for notes. I do live demos, with simple, succinct explanations, followed by experiencial exchanges by the students. Class atmosphere is supportive. Come experience OB Jeanne's way!
Biography: I am a Senior R&D Engineer at a medical company. I've worked at the same company for 41 years. My specialty is coronary and neurological angioplasty guide wires and I support Peripheral Vascular and Cardiovascular/Structural Heart Market developments. I work at a great company where I get to use 150% of my creative ability all day, every day! It's terrific!
Travel: I love teaching OB and will travel everywhere to teach! for more info go to:
Network: 20% discount on sessions for Society members at my office in Shakopee.
Hours: I see clients evenings and weekends and have a sliding fee schedule.

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