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William Blocksom

Name: William Blocksom
Organization: Ariel Massotherapy
Certification Level: Instructor
Location: Akron, OH
Phone: 330-836-4788
Email: orthobionomyforbodymindspirit@gmail.com
Website: http://www.empowertoheal.com
Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/pages/ORTHO-bionomy-in-Akron-OHIO/154175251265823
Qualifications: Registered Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy(R) Wholistic Manual Medicine Practitioner Reiki Master/Teacher Massage Therapist, Licensed by Ohio State Medical Board since 1991
Teaching Subjects: Phase 4 Spine & Extremities; Exploration of Movement Patterns; Isometrics; Posture & Post Techniques; A & P. Electives: Muscles of Neck and Torso; Muscles of Upper Extremity; Muscles of Lower Extremity; Coloring Outside the Lines.
Philosophy: My work is a collaboration with the client. The more a client can relax and feel safe, the more healing can occur. The healing relationship has the power of prayer, that of when 'two or more are gathered' great things can occur. Gentleness, slowness and unconditional interaction do much to further this relationship and the process of healing for the client.
Biography: I have lived in the Akron, Ohio area all my life. I came to the massage therapy field rather late in life--at the ripe age of 38. I had looked for years for a positive direction in life, obtaining two university degrees and working a number of different jobs in the process. I found that direction with my discovery of massage therapy. In 1994, early in my massage therapy career, I was exposed to Ortho-Bionomy and that has been the main modality that I have used in my practice ever since. I became a practitioner in 2000, and advanced practitioner in 2002 and an instructor in 2004. I love the work and I love teaching it as well.
Network: Massage Therapy, Wholistic Manual Medicine, Reiki, Esoteric Healing
Hours: By Appointment only: Monday thru Thursday, 11 am to 7 pm. Prices based on $65 per hour. Without prescription from Medical or Chiropractic physician or Dentist, Ohio State law requires that state sales taxes be charged. 6.75%


Class Name: Other Classes
Subtitle: An Ortho-Bionomy Approach to Muscles of the Neck and Torso
Instructor Name: William Blocksom
Start Date: 8/18/2019
End Date: 8/18/2019
Location: Akron
State/Country: OH
Class Description: This is a one day class looking at the Neck and Torso--a wonderful compliment to the Spine Class. The focus of this class will be on specific muscles and not joints. Don’t be frightened, there won’t be a test and there will not be long anatomical lectures. The structure of the class will be like other OB classes: short on lecture and long on demonstration and practice with plenty of room for your questions. I will help you know what exactly you have your hands on, show you specific points to monitor, give you reasons why you are working there, and show you the ways to work with that muscle. Sometimes there is more that one way to work with it and I will show these to you as well. There will be structural/functional information or signs that will help you know that this is one more place to look in our detective search for the source of that discomfort or dysfunction.
Prerequisite: None, but previous Ortho-Bionomy class experience or familiarity with the anatomy of these areas will be helpful.
Website: empowertoheal.com
Coordinator: Bill Blocksom
Telephone: 330-836-4788
Email: orthobionomyforbodymindspirit@gmail.com
Class Name: Posture and Post Techniques
Subtitle: a co-teach with Bill Blocksom and Julie O'Neil
Instructor Name: William Blocksom
Start Date: 10/12/2019
End Date: 10/13/2019
Location: Akron, Ohio
Class Description: -Learn to evaluate and address inefficient postural habits through accurate observation and simple exercises. -Seated, standing and walking patterns will be explored. -Principles and techniques to work with spinal curvatures and scoliosis are presented and practiced. -Post techniques provide the means to assess and work with areas of tension as well as to integrate changes that happen within a session. Self-care exercises to give your clients the opportunity to continue the benefits found during the session.
Prerequisite: One Phase 4 class or instructor permission.
Website: empowertoheal.com
Coordinator: Bill Blocksom
Telephone: 330.836.4788
Email: orthobionomyforbodymindspirit@gmail.com

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