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Board and Committee Application

SOBI’s board of directors and committees function with the foundation of the Principles of Ortho-Bionomy and the current policies, code of ethics, bylaws and mission. Go to the About Us section our website for more information - http://ortho-bionomy.org/aboutus/About.aspx

Please review the Committee Contact list for more details on each committee and board. Please complete this online application and click submit to send. If you are not a member of SOBI, some questions will not be applicable to you. Also note that, for the committees that have terms, you will need a SOBI member to nominate you for the position for which you are applying. They may complete and send their nomination online.

Your Name
Member Level
Member Number
# of years a member of SOBI:
Your Email
I am interested in serving on the: Board of Directors (3 year term)
Practitioner Review Committee (3 year term)
Instructor Review Committee (4 year term)
Curriculum Review Committee (3 year term)
Conference (no nomination necessary)
Marketing and Outreach (no nomination necessary)
What are your interests in serving on this committee/board?
How do you experience Ortho-Bionomy and the Principles in your life and in relationship with others, including collaborative settings?
Are you comfortable with email and video conferencing for group interaction?
Do you have experience in collaborative/committee environments?
Where do you see Ortho-Bionomy and the Society in the future?
If not chosen for this position, are there other positions or projects where you would like to participate?

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