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Series One Educational Recordings

Phase 4 / Post Techniques / Home Exercises

Series 1 Content:

Recording 1:  Neck & Thoracic (51 minutes)

Recording 2:  Lumbar, Sacro-iliac, Hips, Knees, Feet (58 minutes)

Recording 3:  Ribs, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand (55 minutes)

Recording 4:  Post Techniques/Home Exercises (55 minutes)

These Phase 4 recordings were filmed in Las Vegas and New Orleans in the summer of 1989 in between teaching seminars in the USA.  These films were a family effort:  Harreson, Arthur's son, was the cameraman; Tanya, his daughter, was nicknamed "the body" on the table.  What you see here is the real Arthur showing us genuine natural Ortho-Bionomy methods.  These films were created as a teaching tool, to help us fully understand the depth of Arthur's "original concept."  He believed true healing comes from the connection, and the understanding we all possess, that lies within us all, but we have forgotten.

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